Photography Prints  This language of flowers painting was created for my husband to celebrate our 37th anniversary. The ivy means Wedded Love, Constancy; Bleeding Heart-Fidelity; Rosemary-Devotion, Memory; Bamboo-Loyalty, Steadfastness, Strength through Pliancy; Rose-Love, Unity; Wedding Bands-Commitment. This print makes a memorable Wedding or Anniversary Gift. The cards make great shower invitations or thank you notes.
Sell Art Online  The painting is a conundrum. The bluebird and bees are declining in numbers. The bluebird eats the bees and the berries if no insects are available. The porcelain vine is invasive and when the bees pollinate the flowers more berries are produced which are eaten by birds which spread the seeds for more invasive plants. The vine was purchased in an area where it had not yet reached invasive status. Originally porcelain vines were imported for landscaping because of their beauty.
Art Prints  While looking for plants for my window boxes, I ran across this little gem. I decided to do a Trompe L'oeil painting with the mat as part of the painting.
Sell Art Online  This is a Dendrobium orchid plant mounted on bark. The specimen was in the Orchid House at Selby Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. It was painted with colored pencil on Travertine tile. Reproduces well on canvas.
Sell Art Online  This waddle of penquins reminds me of a bunch of old men hanging out. It was done using an airbrush on paper. The graphic quality of the composition is an appeal to the modern client.
Photography Prints  This is a loggerhead turtle that lays its eggs on the beaches of Florida. They are protected both in the ocean and at their nesting sites.
Photography Prints  This is a Botanical watercolor painting Campsis radicans (Trumpetvine) with Archulochus colubris (Ruby-Throated Hummingbird). The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is the only native hummingbird east of the Mississippi. The Trumpetvine is native to much of the Eastern United States.
Photography Prints  There is nothing that says "spring" like daffodils. They sway in spring breezes and have a perky winters over message. This is one of my longtime favorite plants; I just needed to paint them.
Art Prints  The Magnolia Grandiflora or Southern Magnolia is definitely a southern tradition. The beautiful creamy white flowers are surrounded by shiny green leaves with rusty copper undersides. The large fragrant flowers just says "Old South".
Sell Art Online  I was walking in the plant area of a local nursery on a cloudy fall day. As I approached the millet plants, the sun broke through the clouds and the plant came to life with a rainbow of colors. Darting in and out and feeding on the seed heads was a flock of sparrows. It was one of those magical moments that needed to be recorded. Even though it was the end of the season and the plants had started to decline, I bought one to paint.
Art Prints  The succulent plant Echeveria 'Rufflles' loves hot dry conditions. It has dramatically ruffles red edged gray-green rossettes. In late summer flowers appear on tall stalks and range from red-orange to red-pink.
Art Prints  This Christmas cactus explodes into bloom each Christmas holiday season. It reminds me of an aerial fireworks display. Flowers emerge from the tips of the fleshy green leaves.
Sell Art Online  This eastern US native columbine, Aquilegia canadensis, is one of the most beautiful early spring woodland flowers. It is an early nectar source for hummingbirds and butterflies. The nodding flowers look somewhat like a jesters cap and thus in the language of flowers has the meaning of 'foolish'.
Sell Art Online  Helleborus 'Walhelivor', sold under the trade name of 'Ivory Prince' was selected in 1995 in Sussex , England from a controlled breeding program designed to produce Helleborus plants that exhibited vigorous growth, upright form and flatness of flower. It is a hybrid of unknown parentage. The flowers are outward facing, creamy white cup-shaped on reddish stems that become more pink as they age. The leaves are leathery, evergreen and medium green with yellowish veins. They bloom in early spring.
Sell Art Online  This baby prayer makes an excellent gift for the new baby Girl to hang in the nursery. It can be personalized with the baby's name and birth date by contacting the artist at
Sell Art Online  This painting makes an excellent gift for the new baby boy. It can be personalized with the baby's name and birth date by contacting the artist at
Sell Art Online  I chose this orchid to paint because of the little frill of white peeking out of the partially open bud.
Art Prints  The luscious pears and grapes make a great snack with a few walnuts to round it out.
Sell Art Online  The firebush, Hamelia patens, is native to Florida. It produces flowers from late spring until frost. The bright red flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies including the zebra longwing and the gulf fritillary. Song birds also like to eat the fruit.
Photography Prints  In painting this leek, I was struck by the architectural quality of the overlapping leaves and especially liked the drooping leaf on the right.
Art Prints  This plant is native to the southeastern united states. It often grows wild along roadsides in poor soil but is also cultivated as a garden flower. The layered petals remind me of a clown or jesters collar and the top notch definitely resembles a jesters hat. The painting is done in a classic botanical style.
Photography Prints  Asiatic lilies, throughout history, have been a symbol of hope, chastity, innocence, the Virgin Mary and motherhood. A florist lily was used as the subject for this classic botanical painting.
Sell Art Online  The popular knockout rose in double pink blooms continuously in the garden. It is one of the healthiest, easiest roses to grow.
Photography Prints  This is a classical botanical painting in watercolor on hot press paper. It shows the various stages of maturity from blossom to ripe fruit which are all on the plant at the same time.
Art Prints  This painting is of a luscious looking variety of edible mushrooms. They are just waiting for an adventuresome cook.
Photography Prints  The chrysanthemum is a fall blooming flower. As a cut flower it is long lived. Mums come in many varieties and show various stages of flower maturity at the same time on a plant.
Photography Prints  Though Indian corn is edible it is most often used as a popular part of fall decorating. This colored pencil painting is done on dark brown paper with a shadowy image in the background.
Sell Art Online  This American Holly is native to North America. It grow very tall and the tree is beautifully shaped. The specimen for my painting came from Louisville Kentucky.
Photography Prints  Home Run Rose is a single true red rose with bright yellow stamens. Leaves are beautifully edged in red with red veins. A truly easy care, hardy healthy rose, home run is a work horse of the rose garden. It is continually in bloom from spring through fall.
Sell Art Online  The poinsettia is a tropical flower grown as a decorative plant and sold in large numbers during the Christmas holidays. Typically it is grown in red but more colors have been hybridized and sometimes even dyed or painted. There are many legends about this Christmas flower.